Okzharp and Manthe Ribane

A deeper creative collaboration

OKZharp and Manthe Ribane are the perfect cross-continental, multimedia pairing, with a new take on the future of worldwide electronica.

Originally from the UK, producer OKZharp’s strong family ties and passion for the country have always piqued his interest in South Africa. Alongside his previous partners in the UK-based trio, LV, he released the seminal hit “Boomslang” ft. Okmalumkoolkat in 2010 through Hyperdub Records. This was followed by a slew of projects, including a full length album, Sebenza, with OKM, Ruffest and Spoek Mathambo that perfectly captured the excitement of the time on its release in 2012. More recently OKZharp has teamed up with Joburg-based Ribane, a one-of-a-kind musical whirlwind, creative director and dancer. Together OKZharp and Ribane bring her mercurial vision to life, with film-maker and photographer Chris Saunders contributing live visuals and creative execution – rounding off a package that is as enthralling as it is potent.

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