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Introducing Black Major Release

We’re proud to have launched our new record label, Black Major Release, in May 2018. Like everything Black Major does, our label is not focused on specific genres but instead on quality music that we personally believe in, and feel.

In this, Black Major Release is a recording home for artists who don’t fit into the existing system of African major/indies – and who create music as much for a domestic audience as the rest of the world. Instead of looking outwards to get South African artists signed to international labels, we will push our releases across our networks, both in South Africa and internationally.

This will have the impact of maximising results in the other areas where these artist operate, including live bookings, syncs and brand endorsements. Black Major will do this in multiple ways – including partnering with like-minded labels across the world (like Hyperdub) and creating compelling collaborations between South African and international artists, for global release. With distribution by ID.OL, Black Major Release will also license international projects for release across Africa, bringing yet more quality music to music fans everywhere.

Our first release comes in the form of Okzharp and Manthe Ribane’s new album, Closer Apart, in partnership with Hyperdub (UK).

Buy their first single, “Dun”, here.

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