Stream Tell Your Vision (2016) by OKzharp and Manthe Ribane

Written and recorded in London, over two weeks this January, ‘Tell Your Vision’ is a call and response between Manthe’s vocals and Okzharp’s production. Both bring their unique energies to the mix, manifesting in a raw confidence of new moods and temperatures that were brought out from their first taste of touring and living on autopilot.

The title is a reference to the first track, ‘Teleported’, which was created in Okzharp’s car on an exploratory drive through London and inspired by the art and energy they came across. The track opens with a ferocious bass line, with Manthe’s rumbling vocals rolling rhythmically over the top. She takes us with with her as she let’s the music possess her as if dancing; quickly spitting the vocals back out, urging the listener to ‘tell your vision!’

The EP takes a much more gentle and reflective turn on the 2nd track ‘BU’. Okzharp’s slow and soft lullaby melody and Manthe’s warm and inspiring lyrics ‘B U, Be your dream come true, for real’ tug at the heartstrings.

In the upbeat and playful ‘Maybe This’, Manthe’s vocals flit between a hum that softly swells over the top of OKzharp’s spacey melody, into an energised and bouncing rap.

They round of the EP with the warm anthem PikiPiki, with the chorus sung in the south african sepedi dialect. Okzharp’s long synth lines draw us in with Manthe’s vocals melting and blending into the track. PikiPiki has an unmistakably positive vibe, which becomes emphasised when Manthe switches to English, with lyrics that advocate self-affirmation and self love.

Stream and purchase ‘Tell Your Vision’ here.