DJ, international playboy, and internet sensation

K-$, the DJ-cum-internet-sensation-cum-cultural-figurehead, hails from Cape Town’s lively Southern Suburbs, but also from a quantum realm few can comprehend, and fewer yet have actually seen. Since a wee lad, he has been cultivating a keen interest in the musical arts and while studying the mysteries of the universe, taught himself to play various instruments, expanding his understanding of the art form as well as his knowledge of the cosmos. Spawned from the seed of a mysterious DJ known only as ‘Uncle Michael’, this selecta developed a deep love for timeless classics and is naturally drawn to the rhythms emerging from the golden years of RnB, Funk, Disco and Soul. The soundtracks of yesteryears playboys, mac daddies, supalovers and other such masters of the universe have influenced not only his sound, but his persona and the his otherworldly aesthetic. Raw talent and a well-trained ear inform a style that seamlessly brings this multi-dimensional heritage into the contemporary realm where an unmatched ability to blend classics with modern day hits allows K-$ to educate, enlighten and entertain human beings from all corners of the known universe. He would say it comes down to the fact that the music he grew up on laid a strong foundation upon which the present-day sound is built. Certain scholars believe it is because K-$ himself laid the foundation upon which the new world was built. Either way, the raw energy and extraterrestrial power is evident in his sets across the country’s premier clubs and festivals, breaking cultural and genre-based prejudices as he goes, ever proving to be a source of light from a far away galaxy. Recently, he has breached our national boarders with mixes hosted on internationally acclaimed platforms like Rinse FM and BOILER ROOM, where not only did he open up the Cape Town edition with a trademark show, but starred in the BOILER ROOM TV movie about the place of his birth. An ancient soul speaks through this young earth body, whispering stories of days past using the art form he so loves. A pioneer, a role model and the voice of a sidelined generation, K-$ is a many-worlds-in-one form and one form in the world that will not rest until it is reimagined in his vision. Having come from a 2017 in which he played over 150 shows, K-$ has unlocked the ability to channel the spirits of various great warriors through performance, a phenomenon the world will witness as he makes his ultimate transformation into his true form.