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Award winning director Zee Ntuli directs new Bongeziwe Mabandla video “Umntwana Ongaphakathi” (‘The Child Inside’) 

Bongeziwe Mabandla’s latest creative expression is a film, created with director and storyteller Zee Ntuli, that is opening the door for viewers to connect with their inner child in powerful and impactful ways.

Titled “Umntwana Ongaphakathi” (‘The Child Inside’), it premiered on August 10th on global video channel, Nowness, and beautifully connects Ntuli’s story and direction to Bongeziwe’s music and acting.

Bongeziwe plays the role of Khumbula whose poignant journey of self-discovery and healing is soundtracked by “soze” off amaXesha. The five-minute film explores the tumultuous relationship between Khumbula and his inner child, set within a derelict home and a murky tavern. Reflecting a psychotherapeutic exercise, love transcends time, leading to an introspective exploration of self-love. Khumbula grapples with his past, facing self-destruction, while his inner child remains a constant presence. Through emotional mirroring, their conflict and reconciliation take us through their darkest recesses, culminating in a cathartic confrontation and a path to healing, guided by maternal love. This universally resonating narrative speaks to reconciling with the past and seeking redemption. “Umntwana Ongaphakathi” is an artistic manifestation of finding beauty within darkness, inviting audiences on a deeply personal introspective journey.

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