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Clash Magazine: Manthe Ribane and Travys Owen bring “high aesthetic” to “Raptor” video

DJ Lag has spoken about the “high aesthetic” that Manthe Ribane and Travys Owen bring to the video for “Raptor”, his critically acclaimed, club-ready single with Sinjin Hawke off the just released Meeting with the King.

Manthe Ribane, who is featured on the video, and Travys Owen, the director, are like family to me,” DJ Lag told Clash magazine. “Both bring high aesthetic and A game to everything they do. I also really enjoyed the mosh pit scene because everyone who was in it just let go and brought the energy of the song to the shots.”

Owen, Director of Photography for the video, described his multi-project collaboration with Lag and Black Major through the years as “a beautiful process filled with trust and collaborative energy!”.

“For me it is the perfect formula and we always come out with the best imagery. Creating pictures and content with Lag always feels effortless and the imagery that comes from these sessions always speaks for itself,” Owen said in a Clash magazine “Behind The Scenes” feature.

“This was a very similar formula for the video. A huge collaborative energy brought by every individual to set with a single idea to capture the energy and enthusiasm through movement of each and everyone starring in the video. I really wanted the video to capture the energy of the song and everyone brought that energy in a big way. It’s all about energy with Lag and Manthe being the protagonists of this movement montage.

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If you haven’t already seen this brilliant, high-energy and hypnotic video yet, you can watch it below.