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DJ LAG’s Stampit EP gets a score of 9/10 on Mixmag

Mixmag has yet more to say about DJ LAG’s ongoing reign:

The Gqom King Delivers

“The South African gqom pioneer is back with another devastatingly rhythmic release, linking up with open-eared London label Goon Club Allstars to offer up four tracks of high-octane club-ready fodder. Hi new release, titled Stampit feels like a hybrid project that touches upon a range of the thrilling dance floor trends that are currently setting clubs alight in both London and SA. From opening track “3 Step Culo” and its infectious drum pattern through tot he almost trance-like melody and big-room atmospherics on “Let’s Do This,” the genre-splicing release may only be a handful of cuts long, but trust us – it certainly packs a punch. 9/10.”

Need we say more? Get Stampit online, everywhere, and check out what The Wire, DJ Mag and a few other major publications had to say about the EP.