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BCUC ‘Millions Of Us’ release

BCUC has just-released Millions Of Us, the acclaimed group’s first full-length album and most ambitious work to date. 

Recorded in Soweto, post dubbed and mixed in London the album is the coming together of this unique band and London’s On The Corner Records, a label that has been traversing underground sounds worldwide.

Exploring and celebrating the fight for change, BCUC’s Millions Of Us brings us together, reminding us of necessity and continuity: the fight for freedom will ebb and flow until the choice to fight is no choice at all. It’s a call to arms to fight with love, energy and compassion: from the inner conflicts of our individual existence to global issues, it’s the Millions Of Us that have the power to fight and bring change to our world.

Across its 6-tracks ‘Millions Of Us’ brings BCUC’s trademark indigenous Afro-psychedelic fire into LP format, a record that epitomises the extreme challenge of capturing their absolute energy. Absolute as in not restrainable, with musical pieces that defy structures dictated by Western canons and commercial pressure while creating alternative narratives.

Title track ‘Millions Of Us’ follows BCUC recipe of spiritual endurance, a nearly 20-min long trance-inducing song unfolding as an epic experience. BCUC’s sound takes its energy from their roots, as Jovi Nkosi says “We are not alone. We walk with our ancestors, we represent them and take them with us when moving in the world”.