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“Every place has a beat”: DJ Lag harvests sounds in the Three Ships distillery

As part of a prolific year, DJ Lag was recently invited to participate in the Three Ships Whiskey #MadeExceptionalMadeHere campaign – a new collaboration series from The James Sedgwick Distillery.

The gqom pioneer produced a track using sounds he harvested in and around the distillery – from big wooden barrels to steaming pipes and rattling bottles. The result of this unusual approach is an intriguing track that took DJ Lag out of his favoured Fruity Loops Studio – a digital audio workstation – and into the heart of a working whisky distillery.

“The James Sedgwick Distillery, the Home of the Exceptional, embodies the tenacity of a whisky making team dedicated to crafting exceptional whisky,” says the distillery of the inspiration for its collaboration series with several of South Africa’s most innovative Creatives.

“It is in this spirit of resilience and determination that we decided to showcase South African hustlers who share the same, unshakeable dedication and work ethic for their passion. We are working with exceptional South Africans … introducing you to talented dreamers, believers, and doers as part of our new visual collaboration series.”

Watch DJ Lag harvesting sounds in The James Sedgwick Distillery in Wellington here.