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Radio Sechaba

Watch Bokani Dyer’s affecting new song “Mogaetsho” now!

If you love music videos that spotlight the live performance of songs then watch the video for Bokani Dyer’s “Mogaetsho” now.

The latest video from the recently-released Radio Sechaba, it was filmed at Flame Studios, Constitution Hill in Johannesburg and shows why Bokani and his incredible band are a must-see live act.

In an extensive article for Stereogum, Phil Freeman described “Mogaetsho” – which addresses leaders who have not come through for their people – as one of the key songs on Radio Sechaba.

“It’s a pulsing soul-funk groove almost worthy of ’70s Stevie Wonder, with some killer trumpet from Sthembiso Bhengu,” writes Freeman. 

“He sings it in Setswana, because “the design of the language just makes it easier for certain rhythmic things, and I think it has a stronger feeling when it’s sung in Setswana. He says there’s no exact English translation for the title word anyhow. “It kind of means someone from my home, but it’s also kind of a respectful thing that you say to people, but it’s also kind of ironic, because it’s a song that is criticising people who are supposed to be taking care of their people and kind of abandon that to enrich themselves. So it kind of increases the sense of betrayal, because it’s like, somebody from your home is doing all this stuff and you call them ‘Mogaetsho,’ the person from home, like a compatriot.”