The Wire October Print Edition reviews DJ Lag’s Stampit EP

wire mag october 2018

The Wire’s October print edition is out, and has some more-than-positive feedback to share on DJ Lag’s Stampit EP:

“The infectious, energy driven sound of gqom has taken DJ Lag all over the world in the past two years – sending crowds into a frenzy with the South African sound. His debut EP for Goon Club Allstars established him as one of the genre’s leading artists; Stampit is even better. Lead track ‘3 Step Culo’ has a memorable flute hook that lodges in your brain, complemented by the metallic stomp of Lag’s percussion and deep, elastic basslines. “Let’s Do This”incorporates trance presets and shows a melodic side not so evident on DJ Lag EP. “Drumming” and “Switz” however pick up where his previous EP left off, with gasping vocal samples forming a call and response harmony over high impact bass.”


20th Sep 2018


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