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The Joy’s energetic collaboration with The Blessed Madonna, “Shades of Love”, is heading up the charts

Inclusive, unifying, cathartic dance music hardly comes better than that created by The Blessed Madonna – and the dance icon’s latest track featuring South Africa’s The Joy is a fantastic example of this. Titled “Shades of Love, since its release on February 22nd the track has spent more than 4 weeks on the BBC’s Radio 1 Playlist and is charting on PROUD on Amazon.

“Shades of Love” sees the American DJ, producer and musician collaborate with the five piece that is currently making waves globally with its unique sound that transcends genre and continents alike. The Joy lend their tightly wound vocal harmonies and melodies to ‘Shades of Love’, helping create yet another energetic and entirely electrifying track.

Speaking about the inception of the track, Marea Stamper – The Blessed Madonna – says: “Shades of Love is about the one thing that we all truly share in common as humans. We need to be loved. That might be a different kind of love for every person but it’s still love and it’s what ties us together.”