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Sho Madjozi gives keynote address at University of Cape Town Swahili Studies launch

Sho Madjozi delivered a keynote address at the University of Cape Town in October to commemorate the addition of Swahili Studies to the university’s curriculum.

In a posting on Instagram Sho said that “we need to be able to communicate amongst ourselves across this region, regardless of who happened to colonise us”. She added, “Shout out to the African Union for introducing Swahili as a working language of the Union and language of wider communication in Africa. And to UCT for taking that as a call to action.”

Sho has shared that she learnt Kiswahili when she was a high school student at the International School of Tanganyika in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania during a period when she lived in the city with her parents. She also composes songs in the language, including her breakout hit “John Cena” which features Sho rapping in Swahili.