Sunday Six: Tonijah

Tonijah offers his six-track selection of Sunday classics before next week’s sundown affair. Enjoy.

“I spend my Sundays reflecting on what I have achieved and what still needs to be achieved. Where I am and where my people are, what the journey was and what the future still has in store. To help me process my thoughts peacefully involves a playlist of this nature which in turn makes the whole process seamless for me and those who are around in my presence.
Aluta Continua”
— Tonijah

1. Marvin Gaye – ‘Distant Lover’

2. Bill Withers – ‘Grandma’s Hands’

3. Fela Kuti – ‘Water No Get Enemy’

4. Sade – ‘Is It A Crime’

5. Tania Maria – ‘Valeu’

6. Stimela – ‘Zwakala’

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