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Sunday Six: K-$

The International Playboy offers his 6 selects for perfect Sunday listening.

ABRA – U Go I Go

This song is so beautiful and always calms me. The lyrics are quite haunting as well, and I find myself deconstructing it in my mind often while taking very slow drives on Sundays.

2. Candi Kush – WussaName

This is the only Candi Kush song I’ve ever heard and I’m pretty much addicted to it. She seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth after 2013 and I wish I knew where she was now and if she’s still making music because this song is a BOP. Anyway, R&B junkies will feel this.

3. Kool & The Gang – Cherish

When we still had water, this was my go-to shower song on Sunday mornings before brunch. Either that, or I’d be singing this to someones mom after a few gin and tonics on a Sunday afternoon.

4. Sade – Is It A Crime

Firstly, I would love to spend a lazy Sunday in coversation with Sade. Secondly, this song is a masterpiece. Lastly, the music video is fantastic, but Sade hits us with the most graceful milly rock of all time in this iconic live performance of the track.

5. Isaiah Rashad – Bday

Sometimes Sunday in summer feels like your birthday even if it isn’t. You wake up, the sun is out, your day is free, and you’re trying to get some sort of lituation started. Surely a few friends and a braai. Surely a beach day. Surely Sunday funday. This track from my favourite album of 2016 would be the first thing I listen to when I’m in that mood on a Sunday.

6. One Way – Music (featuring Al Hudson)

Dope intro. Alicia Meyers vocal. Ridiculous bassline. Funk at it’s finest.