Sunday Six: Flōyu

One of our favourite Cape Town selektas, Athi Maq aka FLŌYU provides us with her top 6 tracks for Sunday listening. Enjoy!!

1. Lelethu – There’s Music In The Air

Reminds me of my parents young love during golden hour on a late Sunday afternoon during my childhood. Hits a bittersweet soft spot in my heart and keeps me grounded because it reminds me of where I come from in a sense.

2. DJ YUNG VAMP – Fuck U All Da Time

This track (and his whole debut EP) is heavily bass driven, moody yet soulful. Seems to always accompany my underlying constant mood, helps me operate from a place of sincerity during the week. Also he flips and remixes a lot of classics.

3. Miles Davis – So What 

I grew up with my dad blaring Jazz at all the times, whether it be a braai, a road trip or just chilling at home. So this makes me feel comfortable and warm, a personal Sunday must.

4. Fela Kuti – Zombie

Afro beat uplifts my mood, and Fela Kuti’s lyrics are so relevant, keeps me in check with my black consciousness.

5. Wun Two – White Walks

Wun Two beats are so beautiful, they’re like lullabies for the spirit. Put’s me at ease every time. Slows down time and racing thoughts. I like this because it’s a collaboratve effort with a Lo Fi Hip Hop German producer whom I also love. It’s actually a super short mix of their tracks.

6. Lungfulls – Cul De Sac

I really enjoy lo fi hip hop, Lungfulls layers old meditative readings with his beats. This track is melodic, dreamlike and entices a playful spirit and the lyrics help centre oneself.

Instagram: @floyu_