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Sho Madjozi’s storytelling gets supercharged on “Toro” featuring DDG 

Primed for a global takeover, the award-winning Sho Madjozi has unveiled her latest single and music video “Toro” [feat. DDG] via Epic Records.

That “Toro” was going to be a supercharged storytelling from the multi-talented artist was evident in the trailer for the music video. Featuring ancestral callings from her grandmother, the trailer sets up the  dramatic – and otherworldly – encounter between Sho and her adversaries in a shebeen that is the focus of the music video. With mind-blowing visuals and costumes, and energy that makes you want to never stop dancing, the collaboration with DDG brilliantly evokes betrayal by those you believe are your friends. It also leaves you wanting more which, fans will be happy to know, will come with Part Two of this great video!

“Toro” sees Sho step with her usual brilliance into Amapiano, a burgeoning genre of style of house music that has emerged out of South Africa over the past several years. It showcases Sho Madjozi’s unique ear and ability to create forward-looking music that powerfully evokes her own story. Stream “Toro” HERE