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Sho Madjozi’s “Shoma” brand takes on the world of music with new single, “I Can Be Me” accompanied by a Prince Benza remix.

Internationally renowned, multi-award-winning rapper Sho Madjozi returns with a new musical offering under the alias “Shoma,” inspired by the character in her best-selling debut children’s book, “Shoma and The Stars.” Titled “I Can Be Me,” the song is officially released today with two versions: the original single and a Dance version remixed by Prince Benza of “Jerusalema” fame. Stream or download globally here:

A song about authenticity and the journey to self-love which is something we can experience at all ages, the release of “I Can Be Me” was preceded by the official music video which was released yesterday.

Inspired by her love of colourful unique hair, her home village and her own family Sho Madjozi hopes listeners will be reminded to celebrate our diversity and to love ourselves and to believe that our differences are also our magic. 

The original book “Shoma and the stars” tells the story of little Shoma, who is an outsider for being so different. In the end, she saves the day with her braids and is accepted and loved by her village. This journey of loss and creating Shoma, along with all that she stands for, has inspired this new song, ‘I Can Be Me,’ reveals Sho Madjozi

She adds: “This December is all about Shoma! The Sparkle Braids, Shoma Fest, and now the release of the song and video ‘I Can Be Me.’ Children of all ages have always supported and loved me, especially when I lost my little sister four years ago. They became the Stars in my life. This December is for them!”

With inspiring lyrics, this anthemic song by Shoma featuring Sho Madjozi serves as a reminder that we all possess power within ourselves and deserve to shine bright, knowing that “I Can Be Me.”