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Sha Sha is one of the stars of new BBC documentary THIS IS AMAPIANO

Sha Sha is one of the artists featured in a documentary that shines a light on Amapiano as a genre that has gone from the streets of South Africa onto dance floors around the one.

Titled THIS IS AMAPIANO, the documentary recently aired on BBC in the UK and is now available for viewing on YouTube.

Presented by South African touring DJ and producer, Da Kruk, the documentary features other prominent artists including Daliwonga, DBN GOGO, Kamo Mphela, Felo Le Tee, Mas Musiq, DJ Stokie, MajorLeague DJz, Tyler ICU and more.

Her contribution to this landmark international short film underlines Sha Sha’s standing in a genre that she describes as a connector to the world.

“People see the culture, hear the music, the vibe, the energy and the lifestyle,” says Sha Sha in THIS IS AMAPIANO. “It has given us some sort of a bridge to the world.”

Later, Sha Sha describes the uniquely South African genre’s ability to connect – wherever it is played or performed. “It’s uniting. It’s definitely uniting and it’s very spiritual too. If you are to listen to the songs in general you feel it – you feel the connections, you feel the energy, you feel it. It’s a family.”

Says Da Kruk: “This is a major milestone for the hardest working genre and further signifies that Africa, with so little resources, is still the melting pot of culture, style, and music. It stays upon us as Africans to make sure that none of our stories continue to be diluted for financial gain by people and corporations that know nothing about them or have played no part in them.”

BBC is also airing a radio version of the THIS IS AMAPIANO documentary that will also be hosted by Da Kruk and DJ Edu on BBC Radio 1Xtra and This Is Africa platforms.

Watch the full THIS IS AMAPIANO documentary on YouTube (Full Version on BBC iPlayer):