Muzi remixes Bongeziwe Mabandla’s “Mini Esadibana Ngayo”

Muzi’s creation of an official remix of Bongeziwe Mabandla’s “Mini Esadibana Ngayo” brings together two of South Africa’s most remarkable artists on one track.

Released on 30 July, the remix offers up a version of “Mini Esadibana Ngayo” (“the first day we met”) that retains the subtle grace of iimini’s opening track while elevating and stretching its rhythmic underpinnings. The result is a recording that reflects both Mabandla and Muzi’s ability to create timeless music that’s rooted in African tradition and layered with electronica, folk and more.

“Bongeziwe’s voice feels like home so I wanted to make something that complemented that and reminded me of where I’m from,” says Muzi of the remix.

“The Zulu Skywalker”, as Muzi is known, is one of the most revered and talked about artists coming out of South Africa and, like Mabandla, has a growing global following, built through his solo work as well as collaborations including with Coldplay on an official remix of their 2019 ‘Orphans’ single. Mabandla himself is currently on a multi-date European tour that includes dates in France, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

The Muzi remix of “Mini Esadibana Ngayo Mabandla” is the latest remix off Mabandla’s acclaimed 2020 album iimini which is in the running for the Best Alternative Music Album at the upcoming South African Music Awards (SAMAs). Dwson’s remix of the iimini track “ndanele” is also in the running at the annual awards event, for Remix of the Year.

link to listen here