Doowap jets off to Afropunk Festival Brooklyn with a brand new mix

Doowap is off to the states with partner in grime Tarryn TNT for 2 consecutive shows at Afropunk Festival.

“We See You” for me means we see your spirit; past all the material and flesh…we see the beautiful starlight you are…” says Doowap. “I look forward to meeting all the beautiful beings that will attend AFROPUNK. The AFROPUNK audience is always so open and beautiful. I know the fashion killas and dance-floor champions are really going to inspire me. I am especially excited to share the energy and sounds from back home in South Africa.”

She’ll be gracing Bed-Vyne Cocktail with Gab Soul (get your tickets here) and the main festival at Barry Park.

Listen to the mix, and read up on what to expect for the week here.