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DJ Lag announces new Rinse FM residency for June to December 2019

DJ Lag is back to dominate London’s airwaves yet again for the second half of 2019 at Rinse FM; a continuation of last year’s 6 month residency.

Founded back in the summer of 1994 by DJs Geeneus and Slimzee, Rinse FM first existed as a notorious illegal pirate radio station in East London, where it played host to many seminal selectors and stand-out shows, showcasing the talent of its young guests and experimenting with the boundaries of radio broadcasting.

Now legal, Rinse FM has continued to champion up-and-coming talent as part of its grassroots, community ethos. Still at the forefront of innovation, the cultural impact of Rinse has far from waned, as early friends to the station such as Skepta, Wiley, Skream and more continue to break records on an international level, and new faces step into the studio to share their voice and their music with Rinse’s faithful followers. Continue to read all about Rinse’s history over at Mixmag, where they also list the 10 greatest RinseFM residencies of all time.

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