Bongeziwe Mabandla’s “Zange” Remix by A Million Things

Already a stand-out on Bongeziwe Mabandla’s multi-SAMA nominated album, iimini,Zange” has been remixed by A Million Things, the solo incarnation of composer, instrumentalist and producer Tiago Correia-Paulo. 

A long-time creative collaborator of Mabandla’s, A Million Things has transmuted – with care and deep affection – an already captivating love song into something of unusual and intoxicating beauty. Opening with an enigmatic line of breathy dialogue (“I wish you could feel what I am feeling”), the space inhabited by the original is expanded in a masterful and imaginative way that never forsakes the song’s gentle chorus and beats. 

The result is a remix that conveys the fragility of the human experience with slowly-building washes of percussive sounds, soft handclaps and unhurried beats. It draws you in to keep listening – whether on a long expanse of road, slow-dancing or being held in a lover’s intimate embrace.