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Bokani Dyer announces Brownswood Recordings deal with new single “Resonance of Truth”

Bokani Dyer is announcing his deal with Gilles Peterson’s London-based Brownswood Recordings with the release of a new single “Resonance of Truth” that he describes as a “song for the social media generation”. Listen here.

Out on Thursday (February 9th), the single sees the multi-award winning artist encouraging listeners to follow their own “Resonance of Truth”, “which is highest when someone follows the path of things which mean the most to them — their truth”. 

“I use home in this instance as an idea of being home within yourself with all your complex and unique individuality,” says Dyer. “This is a song for the social media generation. I see so many people lose themselves to present an idea they think is more palatable to the outside world. So I say:

“Who are you living for

What are they asking for

Trying to be everyone’s favourite weighs you down everyday

While you parade in the frenzy

Be careful not to run far from home”.

Brownswood Recordings is an independent record label founded by DJ and broadcaster Peterson in 2006. A platform for new artists and music creatives, as well as an outlet for established acts to do something different, the label has long championed independent, eclectic music and Dyer’s signing to the label is another important step in his music career. 

“I’m so happy to have found a partner in Brownswood,” Dyer shares. “Gilles Peterson has been a symbol of some of my highest ideals in music making — front of mind is a freedom to express through any genre. He unites vastly different worlds of music together to create powerful sonic experiences. 

“I remember watching a 4 hour 26 minute set in New York a few years ago (I remember this because he played a set of the same length as his New York marathon time earlier that day!) and he played everything! It was a truly amazing experience for me. Fast-forward to working with the Brownswood team on the ‘Indaba Is’ project and it was heartening to work with an ethical team who are expressly on the side of the artist in music and business conversations. Looking at the roster of gem recordings they have been a part of, it is an honour for me to have Brownswood see my music as a good fit for them.”