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Black Major and Oslo World Festival Partner for a showcase

Team Black Major are glad to announce we’ll be setting off for Oslo World Festival this October. Black Major CEO Sevi Spanoudi and media manager Shiba, will be joined by music-journalist-to-the-stars and beyond, Helen Herimbi as delegates; with Bongeziwe Mabandla and friends Morena Leraba in tow to represent Southern Africa up north. Also in the mix will be Oslo-based DJ Nefertiti rounding off the Black Major club night at Blå on October 31st.

Take a gander at what they had to say:

“People who follow the global pop and club scene closely, know that a lot is going on, both with Black Major and the South African scene in general. How alternative expressions have found their way into the mainstream; how expression from the avant garde and other scenes like fashion and video art has gone into the creation of something brand new. Much like a collective like Nyege Nyege, also represented on this years Oslo World with their own club night, Black Major has had a unique and confident perspective on how music from different parts of Africa can contribute on the global scene. In a year where Oslo World wishes to highlight visions of how the music scene of tomorrow might look, where we want to look at the utopian potential of the different scenes here and now, Black Major is a collaborator which is in equal parts natural and indispensable. We are proud to feature them at this years Oslo World.”

Thank you team Oslo World, we can’t wait to meet you!

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