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An unmissable, genre-spanning visual and audio experience

Few South African artists are as enduringly influential as Sibot. Whether as producer, DJ, composer, collaborator or solo artist, this Cape Town-based artist has played a pivotal role in the emergence of electronica as a real force on the national and international scene.

Sibot’s influence dates back to his early projects in the 2000s. Max Normal, The Real Estate Agents, Playdoe & The Constructus Corporation seeing Sibot collaborate and release with the likes of Waddy Jones (AKA Ninja from Die Antwoord), Spoek Mathambo, Felix Laband, Yolandi Visser and Markus Wormstorm. These releases off the iconic label African Dope carved and created a new sound of South African underground electronic music that paved the way for much of what it is today.

Sibot’s critically acclaimed solo work is a masterclass in the possibilities offered when electronica is infused with hip-hop and other influences. His solo releases include In With The Old (2007), Throw Away (2012), Row Row (2013) Magnet Jam (Mad Decent/Jeffree’s) & Arc Eyes (2014) with the track “Magnet Jam” also featuring on the international compilation Jeffree’s Vol. 7 in 2013.

In 2016 Sibot released a much-anticipated EP, V.L.D.T. Offered as a free download, the EP represents the artist’s search for different ways to release and consume music, away from commercialisation and into a realm where listeners can intimately join his creative journey. A release that sees an eclectic mix of genres broken up into Ep’s resulting in a interwoven slow-release album. V.L.D.T. also explores new sonic frontiers – in particular how emotions now seep into Sibot’s sound. “I’ve focused on hi bred emotions or combinations of… trying to force a turn up with a warm sentimental break,” Sibot says of the trio of tracks. “I’ve been exploring a certain feeling for now, something that’s really coming out in my music.”

V.L.D.T.’s “We Got Nothing” was recently tapped for PUMA’s latest campaign, “We Run the Streets South Africa” featuring a line-up of contemporary South African influencers and artists. Sibot’s production and remix work has also resulted in a slate of standout tracks over the years, including Ben Sharpa’s classic “Hegemony”, “Mswenkofontein” by Boyz n Bucks and his enduring love for trap, hip-hop, scratching and more makes him one of the country’s most sought-after producers. As DJ Fuck, Sibot recently contributed production on several tracks off Die Antwoord’s Mount Ninji and Da Nice Time Kid.

Sibot’s exploration of different musical frontlines is an ongoing pursuit for an artist credited with helping cement South Africa’s nascent electronica scene nearly twenty years ago. He’s performed at most of the major festivals in South Africa, and adding Sonar Barcelona, Monegros, Nuit Sonores, Printemps de Bourges abroad. Constantly evolving ways to include visuals in his performances, Sibot’s ongoing collaboration with visual artist Toyota has resulted in the creation of a 3D universe during their signature Sibot x Toyota live shows, a much sought after experience that further cements him as a key player in SA Electronic music.