Temp Affairs Festival 2017

DJ Lag joins a stellar line-up in Berlin for Temp Affairs 2017.


  • Father (Awful Records, USA) LIVE
  • [Cyrax!, $likmoney, Icytwat, Lord Linco]
  • YUNG BEEF (Pxxr Gvng, Spain) LIVE
  • BAD GYAL (Spain) LIVE
  • Tomasa Del Real (Neoperreo, Chile) LIVE
  • Bon Gamin (Paris) LIVE
  • (Myth Syzer, Ichon, Loveni)
  • DJ LAG GQOMking (Gqomking, South Africa)
  • DJ Maboku CDM (Principe, Portugal)
  • DJ NinOo (Principe, Portugal)
  • Caramelo (Germany) LIVE
  • Lala &ce (Sahara Hardcore, Paris)LIVE
  • RETRO X (Sahara Hardcore, Paris) LIVE
  • Akira & PVlex (Babylon Music, Swiss) LIVE
  • MCNZI (Berlin) LIVE
  • OSVKV (Hamburg) LIVE
  • Tiffany Calver (London)
  • Mista Wallizz (Freak de l’Afrique)
  • DJ Cambel Nomi (Freak de l’ Afrique)
  • Ticklish (Berlin)
  • D.J. Detweiler (Berlin)
  • Krampf (Paris)
  • Brat Star (Berlin)
  • Simon Kaiser (Trade, Berlin)
  • ACOID (Berlin)
  • Vaiper (Lithuania)
  • Ace of Diamonds (Berlin)
  • Dj Bangkok (Berlin)
  • Dj Creep (Berlin)
  • Wosberlin (Berlin)
  • Yanx (Zürich)
  • Marvin Slikk (Hamburg)
  • WEBOOGIE DJS (Berlin)
  • + more TBA

2 Days | 4 Floors | 35+ Artists | Beach | Afro Caribean Food Market

Temp Affairs Festival 2017

Taking place on 4 floors of YAAM, a Berlin institution located on the historic grounds of a legendary techno club, Temp Affairs found a perfect new home.

With a well balanced line-up of rap idols, club pioneers, emerging talent and local heroes from all over, a special focus on contemporary Latin/Spanish/French scenes and club sounds from the African Diaspora, Temp Affairs captures a cultural momentum, resulting in a new mix of sounds, crowds and energy.


Thursday, August 31st, 2017


Yaam, An der Schillingbrücke 3, 10243 Berlin,